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Call Us Today!
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Jimbo Rahmberg

Hello, I'm Jimbo.

I've been an artist since I was able to hold a pencil. I grew up in a
family of 5 kids. I was the only artist and the only "lefty" in the whole bunch! Its ok,
they have done well anyway. I thought that I would be a cartoonist when I grew up,
but I've done even better. I did have some minor success with cartooning and had 2
published in Easyrider and 1 in Tattoo. I still love and do all types of art. I can draw
in my sleep! Art is my life and life is good! I'm 52 now and have been tattooing for
28 yrs. Art is spoken here! A tattoo artist should be competent in all styles of
tattooing and be able to make the client enjoy the experience of sitting in their chair.
The customer is always right but if you bring attitude, you'll be taking it right back
out the door with you! I am primarily a custom art tattoo artist that works by
appointment only. I love the art of tattoo and am very proud that I've had (and still have) a hand in shaping its image and future. Come see me, let’s talk tattoos!